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All members and guests of PBC UK agree to act in accordance with the information & documents below when participating in sessions/ events & using the PBC UP app.  Non-PBC UK members who attend events and sessions run by PBC UK, whether these events are free or not, also agree to abide by all the documents and their requirements below. Please take time to read the information below, in particular the "event waiver" if you are attending an event run by PBC UK.

Cancelling Sessions

1.Should members wish to cancel their booking before 48 hours  of the start of a "session", members are eligible to receive a refund less a 10% booking charge. There is the option of moving a paid session to a future session of the same value if there is space available, rather than losing the booking charge. Should members wish to cancel their booking within 48 hours of a session, for whatever reason, no refund will be issued.  In this instance the organiser suggests that members make use of the community forum on the app to ask if anyone wishes to take their place. The member cancelling should let the organiser know who the replacement will be so the attendance list can be updated and the member is responsible for organising a payment transfer with that replacement. Where sessions are full, a waiting list of players is created - contact the organiser for details of members on this list.


2. The Director of PBC UK reserves the right to cancel any advertised sessions or events, at any time, providing explanation to members if any bookings have been made.  Should a whole session be cancelled by the organiser, members will be informed, be offered to move their booking to another date or be entitled to ask for a 100% refund.

3. The Director of PBC UK also reserves to right to refund session fees at their discretion. 

4. The Director of PBC UK reserves the right to withdraw access of any member from the PBC UK app should there be a serious breach of the codes of conduct , safeguarding or because they feel it is in other members' interests that they be removed for whatever reason. In this instance there will be no refund of the annual membership paid. 

Cancelling attendance at Events

5. Players who have paid to attend festivals run by PBC UK are eligible to receive a refund, less booking charges, where advance notice of 14 days is given by email to the organiser before the event date. This allows for places to be released. Should a player wish to cancel within 14 days of the event, unfortunately no refunds will be possible. In this case, the options would be:

a) players may also contact the organiser to see if there are players on a waiting list that could take their spot.  In this case the organiser will be able to refund less the booking charge. 

b)  re-sell their ticket privately to another player, inform the organiser of the change/details of the new player who must then register their details only. 

6. Guests, Members and visiting players to events agree to PBC UK coaches administering first aid in the first instance.

PBC UK Health & Safety, Codes of Conduct

PBC UK Event Waiver

PBC UK Safeguarding Policy 


The  Director of PBC UK Ltd agrees to:

  • Keep all members informed of sessions taking place via the app

  • Provide all the equipment necessary for sessions and events

  • Store personal data securely & restrict the sharing of personal data to those on the members app unless given authorised permission 

  • Restrict the use of photos/videos taken at sessions and events for the specific purpose of promoting PBC UK, which could be on any suitable chosen social media channel. Members and non-members attending events should inform the Director if they do not wish any photos or videos to be taken of themselves, otherwise permission to do so is automatically granted.

  • Provide annual public liability insurance cover and personal accident insurance for members through Pickleball England approved insurer - insurance documents are provided to members on the app.

  • Retain an updated DBS, first aid certification & attend safeguarding courses as advised by Pickleball England &/or the LTA. Documents are available upon request.

  • Also use the first aid staff at the venues to attend to members, and report any accidents using the venue procedures.

  • Use a professional pickleball coach or accredited tennis coach replacement if necessary to run sessions

  • Provide advance notice via the member app of any price increases to sessions, coaching clinics or events which will happen from time to time 

  • Consider the feedback by participants to make the sessions as successful & enjoyable as possible!

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