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group Sessions & COACHING

 As a Pickleball Central Member, you are able to access the type of session you are interested in using our PBC UK app.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediates or more experienced player you can enjoy sessions to develop your pickleball skills within our friendly group environment. Read below descriptions of the sessions currently available in the daytime, evening & weekends. You can choose the day and time of the session to suit yourself & then just "pay as you go". 


Private coaching 1:1, 2:1 is also available from our qualified pickleball coaches which will help to develop your pickleball skills faster.  This is possible by booking through the app once you are a member of PBC UK.  

Click "Join Us" on the menu bar to start your pickleball journey with us !


For beginners with no rating

Tuition given & organised play 

Doubles & Singles matches

Check eligibility with organiser


Open to all abilities 

Either organised balanced doubles matches switching partner or  ladder format


Organised doubles matches

Scores will be recorded for DUPR rating purposes

Check eligibility with organiser.

Open Coaching

Open to all abilities

Organised coaching session focusing on technical aspects


For players DUPR rated 3+ only Drill based coaching

Check eligibility with organiser


For players at each DUPR rated level.  Organised doubles or singles matches

Check eligibility with organiser

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