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We are so excited to launch our first branded pickleball paddle which has many special technical features and is suitable for all players from beginners to intermediates to professionals.

This carbon fibre paddle has a 12:8mm thick core and a long handle 140mm to give players the easy option of double handed shots. Its special textured coating allows for extra spin and conforms to USAPA standards for certification.

With a protective edgeguard and its sleek, modern, 'Contrast' design of black on one face v. white on the other you will surely be the envy of other pickleball players!

If you are thinking of purchasing a pickleball paddle ask to demo it at our sessions now. You won't be disappointed!

PBC members also enjoy a 10% discount, making this amazing paddle just £54 !

Why not also purchase a PBC UK protective cover to match...

2023 PBC UK 'Contrast' Pickleball Paddle

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