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1st Telford Tournival 2024

We are excited to invite you to the first Telford Tournival on:

IMG_9787 (10).jpeg

Photo taken at the First Telford Festival 2023


Telford Langley School,

Duce Drive, Dawley,

Telford, Shropshire


Sunday 9th June  


 8 playing courts will be available with pickleball nets. Participants will be provided with some free snacks during the day & there is free parking on site. There will be demo paddles to try & a pop-up pickleball shop courtesy of Pickleball Complete retailer.  All registered players are automatically entered into the

 FREE PRIZE DRAW on the day of the Tournival

Non-PBC UK Members:

Playing Adult £30 

Junior Only £30

Playing Adult & Junior £50

PBC UK Members: buy discounted tickets on the  member app 

PBC Members have a discounted rate £25 per day, or £40 for a playing adult & junior and should book their place on the events section of the members app. You may wish to consider joining as  a member or as an "out of central region" (OCR) member in order to receive this discounted rate visit:

What is a Tournival?

PBC UK Tournivals combine the best elements of a "festival" and a "tournament" and are designed for ALL ability levels. You enter as an individual, are organised to play with a different partner (male or female) and the organiser will balance the matches so that you play with those of similar ability level to yourself. Your own score is recorded from each match to produce a 1st/2nd/3rd place by the end of the event.  If however you wish to play with the same partner throughout, or for part of the day, you can as long as your combined DUPR is not more than 8 for this event.  (This ensures that 2 players with a rating of not higher than 4.0 each can partner together in order to make the whole event more inclusive).   It's a great way to socialise and meet players from all around the country as well as practise with particular partners in a friendly but competitive environment! Players are able to decide when they wish to play or take breaks during the event.  You will be playing all day of the event without any "knock outs" , and every point you win counts!

Telford Tournival


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Junior Tournival Entry (Juniors are 11-18 yrs with DUPR of 3.7 and less or unrated).

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